In November 2012, Royse City agreed to make their city animal shelter a “No Kill Shelter”.  It wasn’t until September 2014, when Trey Colunga accepted the position of Animal Control Officer for Royse City that the vision for the lost and abandoned animals that came through the shelter began to know the true meaning of a No Kill and how it applied to a city municipal animal shelter.

Trey had her own vision of what the shelter should be and how the animals that came through their doors needed to be treated. It was then that the “Best Little Shelter in Texas”began to take shape.

Trey has over 15 years experience as a vet tech and the God given gift for nurturing animals.  She can wrestle a feral cat to safety and talk an overly stressed out dog from attacking.  During the time she worked as our ACO, she was able to capture and keep safe many lost dogs, cats, pigs, owls and even cows.  Trey would take home pregnant momma dogs to have their litters in her home.  She never wanted a puppy to be born at the shelter.  Trey captured an older, cranky, Chihuahua who obviously had been abandoned.  This little guy walked with a swagger and not just because he was being a big dog but because he had been abused.  The chances for adoption for him were slim, so he was named Henry and became Royse City’s first canine unit and lived out his senior years with Trey and her sons.  Thanks to Trey, Henry became the symbol for what Trey wanted the shelter to stand for…..kindness to all who passed through the doors.

Along with a small group of volunteers, Trey turned the smelly and sad shelter into a place that companion animals could feel safe, receive medical attention and TLC while they were waiting for their new furever home.  And it had to be the right home.  Trey never set a dog or a cat up to fail and she taught her volunteers to do so as well.  There was never a dog, cat or any other animal that came through the shelter that Trey didn’t advocate for.

During Trey’s tenure, the shelter did become the Best Little Shelter in Texas.  Pets were returned to owners or found a new furever home, the shelter was consistently clean and  City Ordinances were enforced.  Because of her hard work and dedication it truly became a successful No Kill Animal Shelter.

Trey left big shoes to fill but her legacy lives on at the Best Little Shelter in Texas, Royse City Texas that is.  She is now a board member of Royse City Paws.

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