In 1996, Dr. Rhonda Phillips-Black founded her veterinary practice, Country Friends Veterinary Clinic, in Royse City. It may be a little known fact that Dr. Rhonda started volunteering at the Royse City Animal Shelter soon after. Royse City was still a small rural farming town back then and many didn’t even know we had an animal shelter. 

Anyone that meets Dr. Rhonda immediately recognizes the passion she has for homeless companion animals. As the population grew and Dr. Rhonda’s practice grew, she never lost sight of the lost and abandoned pets that came through the shelter and continued to volunteer her time to give them medical treatment. 

Fast forward to the last 5 years, the care and medical attention given to the shelter guests now includes spay & neutering, medical attention for critical care, and life saving surgeries. Dr. Rhonda still selflessly volunteers her time and expertise. 

While she serves and has served on many boards, she is also on the board for Royse City Paws. Along with the other RC Paws board members, who all share a common goal, they continue to grow programs to help our shelter guests become family members again. Along with some community outreach programs, like the quarterly vaccination shot clinics, Dr. Rhonda is an integral part of why the Royse City Animal Shelter is the Best Little Shelter in Texas. 

Dr. Rhonda has been such a huge blessing to our community, the animals in it, and the Royse City Paws board and we couldn’t imagine our group without her. 

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