Hurricane Harvey was one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the United States in about 12 years. When Dr. Rhonda Phillips-Black of Country Friends Veterinary Clinic in Royse City heard that animals were in desperate need of medical assistance at Ford Park in Beaumont, she didn’t think twice about assembling a team, loading up a van and hitting the road. They were detoured several times due to road closures but finally arrived at Ford Entertainment Center, aka Ford Park on Saturday, September 2. Ford Park was the staging center for displaced animals as well as a place where people who had lost their homes could be being reunited with their furbabies.  

Dr. Rhonda  and her team spent the next 36 hours treating critically ill animals at a make shift triage and donating her time to help in every way she could. Rhonda and her team used their skill and compassion to improve the comfort and care of the animals that were brought there. When we try to tell Dr. Rhonda how amazing she is and how we consider her our Hometown Hero, she very graciously and humbly says, “Just working for the man upstairs”.  High Paws, Dr. Rhonda! 

Royse City teamed up with several other surrounding cities to send aid to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.  Royse City Animal Adoptions had a food drive where friends of the shelter donated truck loads of supplies to Union Valley Volunteer Fire Department which was was delivered to Houston on Friday, Sept. 1st.  Royse City Paws sent food for companion animals along with baby supplies with Shawn Watson and his friend Rob who headed down on Friday also.

Dr. Rhonda says “Our clinic will be taking on multiple Harvey pets in the coming days at no cost to the owners to make sure they have any medical issues addressed and any food, boarding or medications they need. The best places to donate to help these animals now would be to Royse City Paws, a local group who has helped support me and has spent over $1,500 on pet food and supplies that were transported to the flood area. Also, help in your local areas. That’s where it’s going to be needed now as people and pets will be relocating. Donate time, money or supplies to your local shelters and veterinarians.”

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